About Jonathan McNeal

Jonathan McNeal, a graduate of Wright State's Motion Picture Production program, has been managing THE NEON in downtown Dayton since the Fall of 2001. Having grown up in a small town in northeast Ohio, the idea of an independent movie theater that showed hard-to-find films seemed like something that could only be found in a major metropolis. Upon moving to Dayton in the early 1990's, finding THE NEON was a was like finding a new home.
McNeal's film work includes the documentary of Dayton's beloved drag troupe - THE RUBI GIRLS. The doc premiered in San Francisco in 2003 and played across the country and as far away as Australia. The film continues to be played at night clubs and on college campuses as an educational and outreach tool.
McNeal himself has been a part of the performance troupe since 1997.



Hello Everyone, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is starting to fade..but it's still performing well enough to stick around for another week. That said, this could be its last. Hurry down if you still need to see it (or see it again). On Friday, we will open the charming, feature debut film from director Ritesh Batra - THE LUNCHBOX. T.T. Stern-Enzi of DAYTON CITY PAPER just gave the film an "A" review. He wrote, "A soulful performance by Irrfan Khan serves as the key ingredient in this marvelous dish." Synopsis for THE LUNCHBOX: Currently rated 96% FRESH on Rottentomatoes.com "Middle class … [Read more...]



Hello Everyone, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL continues to hit milestones. In less than 3 weeks, the film is already at #4 on our "Highest Grossing Films" list. (The Top 3 are SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, SIDEWAYS and MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING - each of these films played at least 12 weeks). This is really spectacular, and we truly appreciate your support and positive word-of-mouth. This week, we are going to hold both current attractions. Though TIM'S VERMEER didn't have record attendance, it did well enough to stick around. With all the kudos from audience members, we think it's worth holding for a … [Read more...]



Hello Everyone, In just under 11 days, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL became our #7 highest grossing film at THE NEON. All films above it played for a minimum of 6 weeks to reach those kind of numbers. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support - it has been a wonderful ride so far. It goes without saying that we will continue our run of BUDAPEST HOTEL. That said, it will now play on just one screen. Starting Friday, we will open a documentary that many of you have been eager to see - TIM'S VERMEER. Synopsis for TIM'S VERMEER: "Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, (Video Toaster, … [Read more...]



Hello Everyone, We're very excited about this weekend. Wes Anderson's new film has been breaking box office records across the country, and now THE NEON gets to have the local exclusive opening of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. Many people in the Miami Valley have been eagerly anticipating this movie (including almost everyone at THE NEON), and we're looking forward to our "Wes Anderson Fan Screening" on Thursday night at 8:00. (Regular ticket prices apply, and tickets are still available...with several fun prizes in store.) If you can't make it Thursday, never fear...we're dedicating both … [Read more...]

ELAINE STRITCH Documentary At THE NEON and Wes Anderson News!


Hello Everyone, OK. I'll admit it. I'm biased. I simply adore Elaine Stritch. I've seen her perform twice (her cabaret act at The Carlyle and in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC on Broadway), and I can't wait to see the new documentary which opens Friday (March 14) at THE NEON. That said, we're not bringing the film just because I love her. ELAINE STRITCH: SHOOT ME is currently rated "100% Fresh" on rottentomatoes.com. That score almost never happens! In addition to the new film, we will hold OMAR, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, and THE GREAT BEAUTY for limited shows for one more week. Synopsis for ELAINE … [Read more...]

Academy Nominated OMAR Opens Friday at THE NEON!


Hello Everyone, This might be a first...we'll be featuring 5 films this weekend! In addition to holding all of our current attractions (PHILOMENA, THE GREAT BEAUTY, GLORIA and DALLAS BUYERS CLUB), we will open the Academy Award nominated film OMAR. (PHILOMENA will only play through the weekend...it will screen for the last time on Sunday, March 9!) Visit our website for links to each of the film's official sites as well as showtimes for the remainder of this week - www.neonmovies.com Synopsis for OMAR: "A tense, gripping thriller about betrayal, suspected and real, in the Occupied … [Read more...]

THE NEON – Oscar Nominee THE GREAT BEAUTY Opens and FREE Oscar Party News!


Hello Everyone, Every now and then I hear people say "I wish you'd bring more foreign films to town"...well now's your chance. Between the Oscar Shorts, THE PAST, and GLORIA, we're having a nice run of foreign material at THE NEON. And starting this Friday we'll have THE GREAT BEAUTY, the Italian picture nominated for "Best Foreign Film!" In addition to it, we will hold all of our other current attractions - PHILOMENA, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB and GLORIA! Click this LINK to visit the official site for PHILOMENA. Click this LINK to visit the official site for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. Click this LINK … [Read more...]



Hello Everyone, We're truckin' right along with new titles at THE NEON. If you haven't had a chance to see INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, Thursday will be your last chance to see it with us. On Friday, we will open the new documentary THE ARMSTRONG LIE as well as the Animated Short and Live Action Short Contenders for this year's OSCAR Race. THE INVISIBLE WOMAN will stick around for another week - though showtimes are limited. Remaining showtimes for this week can be found at www.neonmovies.com Synopsis for THE ARMSTRONG LIE: "In 2009 Alex Gibney was hired to make a film about Lance Armstrong's … [Read more...]

Ralph Fiennes’ INVISIBLE WOMAN Opens Friday at THE NEON


Hello Everyone, It's time to start moving along at THE NEON. If you still need to see AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, tomorrow (Thursday) will be its last day with us. The Coen Brothers' INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS will stick around for another week, and on Friday we'll open the new film directed by (and starring) Ralph Fiennes - THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. Remaining showtimes for this week can be found at www.neonmovies.com Synopsis for THE INVISIBLE WOMAN: "Nelly (Felicity Jones), a happily-married mother and schoolteacher, is haunted by her past. Her memories, provoked by remorse and guilt, take us back in … [Read more...]

2 Hits Led To THE NEON’s Best Weekend Ever!


Hello Everyone, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  We just had our best weekend ever!! AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY performed wonderfully - with several sold-out screenings over the weekend. INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS also did quite well. I'm pretty certain that both films will stick around for a couple more weeks...but we do have other exciting films down the road. It's interesting to note that even though we had our best weekend ever, neither film could take the prize for "Best Opening Weekend." That title still belongs to FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (with MOONRISE KINGDOM close behind). Click this LINK to … [Read more...]