About Mike Ritchie

Mike Ritchie is a Kettering resident, factory employee and is pursuing a full time career in journalism. He loves learning about the editing aspect but his dream gig is to write about and review music full time. He holds a B.S. in Communication from Rio Grande University writing for the campus paper and has had numerous poems published in various anthologies in his youth and teen years. He free-lanced for the Christian Citizen Newspaper out of college from 1999-mid 2000's covering Skillet, Audio Adrenaline, Pillar, Relient-K among several others and wrote numerous CD reviews . After taking an extended break he started writing for their website www.citizenusa.net reviewing the newest CD and live show from Becoming The Archetype and CD's from For Today and P.O.D. also covering The Scream The Prayer Tour featuring Demon Hunter and wrote a feature on local youth hangout The Attic. Writing about entertainment and music is his passion and though he likes many genres, rock and metal are his preferences. Since writing for Mostmetro.com he's covered Static X, Davey Suicide, Motley Crue, Kiss, Kamelot, Nightwish, Dead Dick Hammer, Geoff Tate, Mushroomhead among numerous local/regional bands, venues and events. His work also appears on buckeyemusicmagazine.com

REVIEW: The Big Four of Dayton Release Quadruple CD’s at Courtyard Lounge

(photo by Mike Ritchie)

It wasn’t a stadium or in Sofia, Bulgaria but any of the five bands that played Saturday July 5th could be considered in Dayton’s big thrash four debate. The crowd turned out in droves, jamming the cramped but cozy ‘by metal standards’ space of the Courtyard Lounge into a shroud of die hard, shoulder to shoulder black t-shirts sweating, screaming, yelling along, to Dayton’s ‘metal uniformed’ finest , spilling out into the outside lobby. It was a four band quadruple CD release party and birthday bash for a local guitar hero. Foul Stench’s Blood Orgy, Forces of Nature’s Dark Ages, Eooonmai’s The … [Read more...]

REVIEW: The Architects of Ohio Metal at Blind Bob’s

Enabler (photo by Mike Ritchie)

On Saturday April 26th, four Ohio bred metal bands came to Blind Bob’s to make noise, scream, yell and thrown down in a small deadly space, where the moshers really danced and the pit was much more friendly than the ones outside. Columbus’ Northern Widows  opened with a short set of six songs, just long enough to keep the hardcore fans' attention, because Sargent D was coming, and you’re all on his list. Playing a nice blend of thrash, groove and speed with some old school punk attitude and delivery, they opened with the aggressively fast Boundaries & Vices and then got moody, muddy … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Decibel Magazine Tour Decimates Columbus

Carcass (photo by MIke Ritchie)

On Sunday April 6th, the Decibel Magazine Tour slammed into Columbus' Newport Music bringing its youngest screamers Noisem, the growling sands of Tibet from Gorguts, the dark horror themed, violent intentions of the Black Dahlia Murder and the graphic godfathers of gore, grindcore and surgical steel, Carcass. New kids Noisem delivered an opening set of non-stop, psychopathically cathartic tunes that they couldn’t stop moving to. A sonic whiplash ensued with perpetual movement as they cranked out songs from their Agony Defined CD. Their sound is death/thrash metal with an old school … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Shamrock Athletic Club Host Benefit for East End Community Services

Curse of Cassandra (photo by Mike Ritchie)

Safe, engaged neighborhoods, stable, employed families and successful youth. Those are the goals and objectives of East End Community Services, a nonprofit organization formed in 1998 to help meet the needs of people living in East Dayton. They provide programs as part of a neighborhood transformation effort to help children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly succeed in becoming successful citizens, giving back to the community. Over 20 different agencies, donors, funders and neighbors along with AmeriCorps members and other volunteers have helped achieve these goals. On Saturday January … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour Columbus

Sick Puppies (Samantha Stewart Photography)

On Friday, February 28th, The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock according to Revolver Magazine soared into Columbus via Columbus Events Group, the Alrosa Staff, 99.7 The Blitz, Revolver staff and The Shrunken Heads co-owner and Azoic singer Kristy Venrick with a parking lot full of people following them in. Cilver, Eyes Set to Kill, Lacuna Coil, Sick Puppies and the winner of the Facebook fan voted local opener Able Danger all played for an appreciative loud crowd. Long ago and gone are the days of women being the sexy background or provocative eye candy of the show. Despite the tours descriptive … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Alrosa Villa Host Amplified Awareness II Benefit

Jasmine Caine performs at Amplified Awareness II (photo by Samantha Stewart Photography)

On Saturday February 7th, the second annual benefit fundraiser raising awareness for children with Autism and Tourette Syndrome was held at Alrosa Villa in association with the Make It Fit Foundation and the Iron Brothers of Ohio. Last year’s inaugural show featured Loboz, Fat Dog and Jasmine Cain. This year the sultry, bass-hammering songstress returned continuing the party where she left off last time, stage diving and all. Event organizer and Make It Fit founder Mike Hoover has made Autism awareness/research his mission, working tirelessly with local businesses, charities and musical … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Butcher Babies Massacre Cincinnati on Hellpop II Tour

The Butcher Babies (photo by Mike Ritchie)

On Jan 12, ¾’s of the 2014 Hellpop II tour came to Bogart's in Cincinnati. Due to strep throat taking her voice with a high fever, Maria Brink was unable to perform. However the rest of the twisted circus showed up and gave fans a loud, rowdy show that brought many screaming, thrashing bodies over the crowd barrier eager to say hi. From LA comes Before the Mourning, a new dawn for heavy music injected with young blood and passion. Three guys and one hot iron maiden came to play for the early evening pit ready crowd. The sweat, saliva, testosterone and estrogen flew as they christened … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Moshpits & Lighters IV Return to McGuffy’s

Overtheory (Samantha Stewart Photography)

On Saturday December 21, Daniel DeDoncker’s musical masterminded showcase of rock and metal returned to the scene of last year’s event to celebrate another year of great local, regional and out of state music. M&L alumni Amongst Villains, Avenue Sky and headliners In The Cut returned this year joined by 2013 newcomers Springfield’s Abrade the Regal, Gathering Mercury, Sleepers Awake, newly formed Soul Shadow, Columbus scene vets Overtheory and War of Change. Columbus’ result of Tool, Opeth and Mastodon in a car wreck after killing the gecko and the cave man together, Sleepers … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Bobaflex Plays Black Friday

Bobaflex on stage at McGuffy's (Niki Forte Photography)

Bobaflex is West Virginia’s answer to the finest cut high-octane spit and shine hillbilly rock this side of the rolling river. They came, played, kicked ass and left. They also braved to play on the one day where the rough, riotous crowds and moshpits were more dangerous at any given retail giant than at any sophisticated metal show. Where the fights draw blood, especially with high-heels and the deal/discount diving shoppers have less mercy than angry drunks in a Slayer pit (concert goers at least have the common courtesy to help each other up when they go down before the mauling). They came … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Legends Of Thrash Wreck Columbus


On Tuesday November 5th, The Legends Of Thrash Tour presented by Columbus Events Group swept through Columbus stopping at the Alrosa Villa like a sonic whirlwind as bodies crashed and collided into each other in the pit like a human tornado of souls. LA’s young guns Warbringer brought the early battle cry with Germany’s Euro-thrash heroes Kreator screaming in at over 30 years of devastation and New Jersey’s green lit thrash veterans Overkill, who’ve been on a screeching bat-winged blitz-krieg since 1980. Tonight was stop number seven on the twenty-four date North American Tour. It’s a … [Read more...]