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Tommy Johnson moved to the Dayton area 10-plus years ago from a small town and hasn’t looked back. With his obsession for music, a love affair with Dayton, and a passion for writing, Tommy recently developed a blog called The Dayton Scene. Tommy guides readers through local events, and shows from local talent. He also visits local shops, and gives you an in-depth look into what the business brings to the Gem City. Tommy is also on Twitter @thedaytonscene.

“Silent” and Loud: The Gunshy Comes To Dayton

Matt Arbogast

The open road. Miles and miles of paved cement that stretches and bends at every turn and direction of the United States.  When you  are driving on the open road, you take in the sweeping land that is untouched.  You take in the wide-ranging view of  countryside that surrounds all around you.  You roll down the windows and move one of your hands outside.  You  allow the blowing wind to sway your hand all around.  You turn up the radio to the highest volume, proceed to blare  your favorite song.  The people that accompany you on this journey more important to you than you will ever … [Read more...]

Ultrasphinx: Bringing The Party From Akron To Dayton

(Photo courtesy:  Ultrasphinx)

Before the band’s gig at Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia, Ultrasphinx’s bassist Aaron Rogers is coming back from  taking some down time and collected some vinyl albums at a nearby record store-Steady Sounds.  One of the albums  that Rogers tells me he was really interested in diving into a vinyl album of the great Leonard Bernstein conducting  rejected works from legendary mind of Beethoven.  During our conversation, Rogers had to cut it short temporary  and explains that we will have to call me back.  It wasn't him just being bored with our talk, or that he became  completely offended … [Read more...]

Cityfolk Festival Reunion: Celebrating Dayton’s Past Concert Event One Last Time


To many around the Dayton area, the three-day Cityfolk Festival was one of the high points of the summertime.  Alongside the extraordinary events that are sprinkled throughout the year, one of the most anticipated to attend was the Cityfolk Festival.  The event was created after the National Folk Festival ended its three-year stay here in town.  The festival brought artists from around the world and would share their diverse artistic traditions.  The performances stressed the importance of building partnerships and engaged collaborations of all ages.  From the early days of being in downtown … [Read more...]

Steve Makofka: Life/Music Getting ‘Back To Normal’ In Revealing EP

(Photo Courtesy:  Jennifer Clarke)

Walking up to Fifth Third Field, you will notice the usual fanfare of Dragons shirts, jerseys, hats that people will be proudly displaying  as they enter the ballpark.  There will be the folks walking up and down the sidewalks.  Some with large groups of other individuals.    Some simply walking solo.  The area around Fifth Third Field is starting to really come back to life.  For a period of time, the area  surrounding the minor league stadium was dormant.  What were empty, decaying buildings are now becoming and/or transitioning to  restaurants and shopping centers.  What was the old Buckeye … [Read more...]

‘On The Inside’ Is Quite Special-Just Ask Colleen Badenhop

(Photo courtesy: Jennifer Taylor Clarke)

It was a chilly, mid-morning day when I met up with singer/songwriter Colleen Badenhop.  When she walked up to our  meeting location, I noticed that she was wearing a thin hooded zip-up sweater.  The sweater couldn’t barely keep  anyone warm on this day.  However, Badenhop had a good reason for the clothing choice.  “We are in the process of  moving,” explains Badenhop.  “All of my warm clothes are in boxes [laughter].”  For Badenhop moving into a new home  is just one of many things happening as of late.  She recently finished her eleventh year of teaching music in the Kettering City Schools, … [Read more...]

Local Author Giving Children Memories That Will Last A Lifetime


When I was in first grade many years ago, I attended McKinley Elementary School.  The school is located in Xenia, Ohio.  One of the few memories that I have left in those early childhood years was the library.  The library inside the school was different than most.  It didn’t have doors to go through.  The library was in the middle of the building with a completely open concept design.  The classrooms circled all around the section that the library was located.  It was quite an interesting site to see when you walk around the school building.  As a kid and being able to seeing all those books … [Read more...]

2014 Sideshow: Everything’s ‘Nine’ Over At Local Spring Festival


For those who scroll the social media website Facebook, and some of the photos that are included in my articles, you  will spot Jennifer Clarke’s impressive work.  Clarke has been doing photography of artists that play  throughout the city.  She was been building her impressive portfolio for the past few years now, capturing fleeting  moments during an artist or band’s live performances.  When you are looking at the work that Clarke presents, you  see moments that are pure. Unfiltered. Raw. Authentic. You are witnessing a story that is unfolding before you very eyes.  By looking at … [Read more...]

Silent Lions: Setting Themselves Up To Roar In Dayton

Silent Lions

 “We have a little cabin fever up here [laughs],”explained Silent Lions drummer Matt Klein during a recent phone  conversation.  Klein, along with his bandmate Dean Tartaglia, resides a little over two hours away from the friendly borders of Dayton in the beautiful city of Toledo.  Just like pretty much everywhere in the Midwest,  Toledo is just now coming out of one of the worst winter seasons that has ever occurred.  The record low temperatures and the significant amount of snow that accumulated during the beginning of the year forced a lot of folks to stay  indoors.  Spring is now upon us, … [Read more...]

Buffalo Killers Kick Off DMF’s 10th Year Anniversary With Special Show

Picture 1

For the past nine years, the Dayton Music Fest has spotlighted the burgeoning music scene in Dayton, Ohio.  Founded by Dan Clayton, Andy Ingram, and Shawn Johnson, the Dayton Music Fest features artists and bands from all around the area over two days in several area establishments.  Within walking distance from each other, festival attendees are able to experience live, local music in ways that they never thought possible.  The event also allows people who don’t come down and watch live shows often the opportunity to witness the rich musical talent that is coming out of Dayton. Now curated … [Read more...]

NFL Films Select-Dayton’s Own ‘The 1984 Draft’


 The last seconds of the National Football League’s season winds down at the Super Bowl, and a champion will be  crowned.  For those who root for the soon-to-be champions, they will be taking in the sweet taste of knowing that their team just won the most prized trophy in the world.  The euphoric feeling is beyond anything they could dream of or explain.  For those whose teams just simply can’t get out of being an absolute bottom-dweller embarrassment of a  franchise, they will be in despair.  They wonder if that day will ever happen.  For most, they deal with the realization they  will never … [Read more...]