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Tommy Johnson moved to the Dayton area 10-plus years ago from a small town and hasn’t looked back. With his obsession for music, a love affair with Dayton, and a passion for writing, Tommy recently developed a blog called The Dayton Scene. Tommy guides readers through local events, and shows from local talent. He also visits local shops, and gives you an in-depth look into what the business brings to the Gem City. Tommy is also on Twitter @thedaytonscene.

Silent Lions: Setting Themselves Up To Roar In Dayton

Silent Lions

 “We have a little cabin fever up here [laughs],”explained Silent Lions drummer Matt Klein during a recent phone  conversation.  Klein, along with his bandmate Dean Tartaglia, resides a little over two hours away from the friendly borders of Dayton in the beautiful city of Toledo.  Just like pretty much everywhere in the Midwest,  Toledo is just now coming out of one of the worst winter seasons that has ever occurred.  The record low temperatures and the significant amount of snow that accumulated during the beginning of the year forced a lot of folks to stay  indoors.  Spring is now upon us, … [Read more...]

Buffalo Killers Kick Off DMF’s 10th Year Anniversary With Special Show

Picture 1

For the past nine years, the Dayton Music Fest has spotlighted the burgeoning music scene in Dayton, Ohio.  Founded by Dan Clayton, Andy Ingram, and Shawn Johnson, the Dayton Music Fest features artists and bands from all around the area over two days in several area establishments.  Within walking distance from each other, festival attendees are able to experience live, local music in ways that they never thought possible.  The event also allows people who don’t come down and watch live shows often the opportunity to witness the rich musical talent that is coming out of Dayton. Now curated … [Read more...]

NFL Films Select-Dayton’s Own ‘The 1984 Draft’


 The last seconds of the National Football League’s season winds down at the Super Bowl, and a champion will be  crowned.  For those who root for the soon-to-be champions, they will be taking in the sweet taste of knowing that their team just won the most prized trophy in the world.  The euphoric feeling is beyond anything they could dream of or explain.  For those whose teams just simply can’t get out of being an absolute bottom-dweller embarrassment of a  franchise, they will be in despair.  They wonder if that day will ever happen.  For most, they deal with the realization they  will never … [Read more...]

‘Queens Of The Scene’ Showcasing Local Music Scene To The World


Gretchen Kelly begins with the story of one of the most wild and exciting nights that she's been a part of as a show booker for the Oregon Express. She goes in depth about the Saturday night when local band The Professors took the stage.  The Professors are a fuzz-inspired, psychedelic rock band that featured heavy riffs and 1960s style songwriting.  Their style of music made them a big draw and would capture the audience’s attention anywhere they would perform.  The Professors were more than just a band that would come and play music; they became one of the premiere acts in town.  The band … [Read more...]

‘On The Way To The Punchline’ Gives Smug Brothers Boost For 2014

Smug Brothers1

 When it comes to the Dayton music scene, Kyle Melton and Don Thrasher are in knee deep with their  involvement.  Along with their daily obligations, the two are currently in the middle of working on setting up this year’s forthcoming Dayton Music Fest.  For many, the Dayton Music Fest is a yearly welcome party of sorts, a chance to observe all  the bands that perform around town on a nightly and/or weekly basis.  For Melton and Thrasher, it’s an opportunity for  them to showcase the marvelous talent that continues to grow each and every year.  The duo also works closely  together on signing … [Read more...]

Haunted House On Sorority Row Looks To Recruit New Horror Pledges

Sorority Row

 Local filmmaker Henrique Couto has just had his first experience into the huge fundraising website Kickstarter wrap  up.  He shows signs of exhaustion and fatigue.  Almost as if he personally executed his campaign like a Jerry Lewis  televised marathon on the local television channel.  He quickly perks up, though.  It truly is amazing.  Immediately, his  attitude changes and it’s as if he suddenly took some miracle pill that completely wiped out any tiredness that was  rummaging around him. This isn’t the first time Couto went to trying out crowd funding.  He first tried indiegogo.com to … [Read more...]

2014 Dayton Does Dayton: 5 Bands To Check Out During Weekend Festival

Dayton Does Dayton Poster

I don’t need to tell you about the amount of great music that has come and gone in Dayton.  Throughout the years, we have seen some of the most innovative, daring, and extraordinary artists and bands originating from the Gem City. It comes as no surprise to many when we see the acts go on and become more than just local idols.  We take pride in knowing that we were the first to see what these bands and artists were capable of.  Each of their shows would fill an entire bar up.  Sure it is hard to move around, but you knew that you were in for a night that would be epic.  You are with your … [Read more...]

Godzilla Set To Invade Yellow Springs Playhouse


QUICK!  LOOK! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! IT’S GODZILLA! The 500 foot dinosaur-like creature that has rough, bumpy gray scales and  a long tail that could wipe out buildings with a single swipe.  The lizard that has terrorized Japan and the world will once again come to instigate havoc on the mainland. The Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse will be presenting the musical parody of GODZILLA!, written by Corrie Van Ausdal in collaboration with Phillip and Gordon Reynolds and musician Blaze Wright.  The show will begn  starting tonight at the Glen Building in Yellow Springs. For those who … [Read more...]

Crooks On Tape: Schmersal Putting ‘Fingerprint’ Back On His Hometown


 John Schmersal is frantically running around his Los Angeles apartment during our recent phone conversation.  In the  background, you can hear him shuffling papers, closing and opening doors to what could be cabinets and his vehicle.    “Sorry, I’m just getting everything taken of around here before I head out,” Schmersal says to me.  He's heading out to start touring around the United States and parts of Europe with his band, Crooks on Tape, and they'll be stopping in Dayton Thursday night for an album release show at the Rockstar Pro Arena on East Third Street. In 1994, Schmersal joined … [Read more...]

Local Teen Gets A Lifetime Opportunity With A ‘Can’ Do Attitude


Madeline Mobarry is your typical teenage girl.  She is in her junior year at Northmont.  She is currently looking at colleges for when she is done with high school.  Madeline hasn’t decided on a school just yet.  She is in the process of trying to tie down on where she wants to go.  In the meantime, she has started doing some college courses through a program that is available for her at school.  This past weekend she was part of the production of “Seussical!” from the Muse Machine, playing her double bass.  She also plays in the Northmont Orchestra, and Northmont Jazz Band. Madeline, like … [Read more...]