Yo, Adrian! We Bit It !!


Can you smell, what the Rocky's is cooking? That delicious aroma is coming from Rocky's Pizza Ring, at 3273 Seajay Rd. in Beavercreek.  Known to Beavercreek foodies for years, this Gem City original is nestled into the Beaver Valley Shopping Center, is behind Lofino's Grocery.  It is a little tough to find, but once you know about this little known secret, you will be back for more.  In fact on their menu, the motto is "Once Found, Never Forgotten."    Mama said knock you out with the scoop on Rocky's Pizza Ring, so we're gonna knock you out.... In this corner, we have Superfry & … [Read more...]

National Becomes Local: Longhorn Steakhouse in Moraine


We just had to tell you.  We just had to tell you about something happening in your community that you have no idea about. As you know, 95% of our weekly Food Adventure articles feature local mom and pop establishments serving up great food. But sometimes, there is a need to mention something that is going on at a Nationally owned restaurant.  In this case, no one is more deserving than Bob Medlin, the manager of Longhorn Steakhouse in Moraine, located at 1921 West Dorothy Lane. We know,we know.... " the dreaded chain restaurant," but there is one thing you local purists can't … [Read more...]

Americana Festival: 5k, FOOD, Fireworks & Fox


Run, eat and watch fireworks in the street. The Americana Festival is celebrating 41 years strong with this year's event in downtown Centerville.  This year we have the star spangled scoop on some new Food Adventure attractions and happenings. Superfry & The Big Ragu are lifelong Centerville guys, so this festival is close to our homes and our hearts.  We cant think of a better way to celebrate freedom and the good ole' USA, than this event.   Here is a day in the life of a 4th of July Food Adventurer at the Americana  Festival: 7:30am:  5K RUN at Centerville Stadium.  … [Read more...]

Who’d You Rather: EL TORO or El RANCHO GRANDE ? **+Win Free Dinner with Superfry & Big Ragu**


Again, Food Adventures asks who'd you rather get it on with.  This time a plate from El Toro or a plate from El Rancho Grande? In this battle for the border, we know Daytonians are picking sides and drawing their line in the margarita salt.  Comment below on which of these two Mexican Restaurants you like better and why !  One winner will be chosen at random and will win dinner with Superfry & The Big Ragu at their favorite, either El Toro or El Rancho.  You will act as a referee for us as we also invite our biggest critic, the witty Michael R Hawk !  Let the insults fly ! Now, … [Read more...]

Yaffa Grill: Our New Favorite Spot


If Fred Flintstone  was on Colonel Glenn Highway, he would say "Yaffa Gotta Do !" ...and guess what, he would be right. Yaffa Grill can be summed up as "simply exotic."   It has worldly tastes of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine that are as authentic as they are delicious.  At the same time they serve the food on paper or styrofoam plates.  You see?  Simple and exotic.  Superfry & the Big Ragu have tagged this as our new favorite eatery, and have been visiting the 2 Yaffa locations with some frequency. Want an authentic, unique Food Adventure that is affordable and fun?  Then … [Read more...]

Warped Wing & Jimmie’s Ladder 11 Team up for Food Adventure Event July 31st


It is time to "GET WARPED" at JIMMIES LADDER 11 in July, with a one-night-only, 5 course Food Adventure !  Mark your calendars for July 31st and get your tickets before they sell out ! Only Superfry & The Big Ragu could help deliver such a night.  For the first time ever, Dayton's own WARPED WING BREWING COMPANY will team with Dayton's own Ladder 11 for and exclusive event! For all of you who have always wanted to go on a full blown Food Adventure, here's your chance! WHAT FOOD:  5 Course dinner at JIMMIE's LADDER 11.  This meal will feature some special menu items, presented and … [Read more...]

Hot House! Local Chef Heats Things Up With New Sriracha Sauce


We've got the boss with the hot sauce right here!  Want to heat up your Food Adventures at home?  Then look no further. Local chef LeeAnne House has made her mark in the kitchens of upscale area restaurants. Now she is out on her own, with a new company called Housemade.  Her first bottled product is a popular one, called Housemade Sriracha Sauce. She started experimenting with new sauces in her apartment kitchen and the batches grew, and so did the demand.  Now she has taken her saucy self corporate. Believe it or not, sriracha is a style of sauce, and not a brand name.  We are all … [Read more...]

Rock n Green Tomato Festival to Feature Pie Baking Contest ! *Win Dinner with Superfry & Big Ragu*


Calling all bakers!!  Miamisburg needs you.  Saturday June 14th is the 4th Annual Rock N Green Tomato Festival.  One of the features is a "GREEN TOMATO PIE CONTEST."   Can you bake the best pie?  Do you have what it takes?  Can you be the champ?  Prizes will include 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.  Register and prove you have the skills to make the most delicious pie of them all! The judges for this contest are the only local guys with mouths big enough to fit the bill, SUPERFY & THE BIG RAGU from Food Adventures !   ***TO ENTER THE BAKING CONTEST, Fill out and send in … [Read more...]

A Toxic Food Adventure


Usually "Toxic" means something bad.   Not in this case, Daytonians.  We know a place where Toxic means 'heavenly.' Are you a beer lover?  Then loosen your tie, let your hair down, and walk down the cobblestone streets of the Oregon District to the Toxic Brew Company. For the past few months, Superfry & The Big Ragu have been visiting Toxic Brew Company and getting a feel for the range, style and taste of their beers.  We tried the spectrum over time, from the lighter Abby Blonde to the Pawn Pepper Ale made with hot peppers. We didn't go there once and get a few taste test cups and … [Read more...]

A Second Helping of .. KABUKI


“Please, sir, I want some more.”  ---Oliver Twist Superfry and the Big Ragu have a new, original feature called a "Second Helping of..."  Food Adventures already sets itself apart from the rest, because we dine at a place many times before an article materializes on Dayton Most Metro.   From time to time, we will revisit some of our favorite Miami Valley eateries, and let you know about new specialty items that are delicious, or standard fare that you "gotta try."   This is not a recycling of an old article, but some new takes on the menu.  You can still expect the same killer "food … [Read more...]