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A Celebration of Seasonal Craft Beers


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A Second Helping of .. KABUKI


“Please, sir, I want some more.”  ---Oliver Twist Superfry and the Big Ragu have a new, original feature called a "Second Helping of..."  Food Adventures already sets itself apart from the rest, because we dine at a place many times before an article materializes on Dayton Most Metro.   From time to time, we will revisit some of our favorite Miami Valley eateries, and let you know about new specialty items that are delicious, or standard fare that you "gotta try."   This is not a recycling of an old article, but some new takes on the menu.  You can still expect the same killer "food … [Read more...]

New Menu, New Staff at Bella Vino! **Win a $20 Gift Certificate**


Bella Vino in Springboro, isn't your average wine store.  Sure, they have all the chardonnays, merlots, and syrahs one could dream of.  But now, they have kicked it up a notch. Under new management, Bella Vino brought in Chef Jen Anticoli, who has introduced some dishes that are fabulous when paired with wine, or even just dining on the patio.  Superfry & the Big Ragu are all about good eats outdoors.  If you are the same way, then Bella Vino will quickly become one of your favorite spots for a Food Adventure. HERE'S THE SKINNY: --- Bella Vino Wine Merchants is open Mon 4-10pm … [Read more...]

Ben & Jerry’s 35th Anniversary Means Free Cones!


Thirty five years ago today Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield celebrated surviving their very first year of running their business. To thank those that supported their little ice cream store, Ben & Jerry's, they decided to give everyone a free cone.  And on every April 8th since then they've continued that tradition. The event grows larger every year and this year there are 26 countries taking part with over 700 scoop shops serving free ice cream and frozen yogurt (for those wanting a few less calories) from all participating stores. Fans can choose any flavor they'd like, but they'll also … [Read more...]

Happy New Beer!

Beer Styles Poster

December 5th, 1933 is the official day that liquor flowed back into the very dry veins of the United States. No more sneaking whiskey across the frozen Detroit RIver, no more gin made of questionable liquor, no more rum runners sneaking hooch into the country through Florida. This country could get back to the business of distilling and selling liquor, creating jobs and giving a financial shot in the arm during the long dark days of the Great Depression. Before that day there were some cracks in the dam. Trickles of legal liquor started to flow from wineries, which was not a big surprise. The … [Read more...]

Spring Menu Has Arrived At Lily’s Bistro


Lily’s Bistro, located at 329 E. Fifth Street in Dayton’s Oregon District, has launched their latest seasonal menu featuring springtime fare.   General Manager Emily Mendenhall says, “everyone is so beyond ready for spring time, and we are thrilled to have a new menu that reflects the season. I love root vegetables but we’ve been eating them for months.  Our new menu drops them in favor of springtime produce like asparagus and sugar snap peas. Additionally, our wine, beer, and cocktail offerings have changed with the season.  No more apple cider in cocktails, and a lot more focus on … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones Ommegang Brewing Flight Night @ Spinoza’s


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Pete Rose & Cassano’s Team up for a Food Adventure


The Hit King and the Pizza King were together again for a mini press conference held at the Cassano's offices on Stroop Rd. today.   Dayton Most Metro's own Superfry & The Big Ragu were on hand and even asked Pete Rose "What's Your Favorite Toppings on a Cassano's Pizza?" Pete Rose's replied with a smile,  "Pepperoni and Extra Cheese."   The hit king was in town promoting his "4192: An Evening with Pete Rose LIVE" event to be held at the Fraze June 24th, 2014.  Cassano's was also celebrating their 60th Anniversary, and giving away a corvette June 24th as … [Read more...]

Incorruptible, The Next Release From Warped Wing


Join Warped Wing this Thursday night at the brewery as they tap their newest limited release beer, Incorruptible Belgian Style IPA. The name, Incorruptible was inspired by James Ritty's cash register invention in 1879 called 'Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier'. This IPA is hazy, golden in color with bubble gum and herbal aromas and flavors from the German Sapphire hop. The malt character is light and crisp and the special abbey strain of yeast adds a fruity, banana note that supports the bubble gum aroma of the hops. 77 IBU & 7.7% ABV. See you Thursday....Cheers! Thanks to Amy Kollar … [Read more...]

Free Breakfast Coffee at McDonald’s Through April 13th


Coffee, java, morning mocha– whatever you call it, you can get a free cup of it at McDonalds on Monday. The campaign, which kicks off today, Monday March 31st and will give customers at participating restaurants a 12-ounce small coffee at no charge through April 13. It will be up to each McDonald’s location to decide if customers get just one cup or refills on the free coffee.   McDonald’s coffee gimmick follows  Taco Bell’s breakfast rollout of its first-ever breakfast menu, which it dubbed as the “largest menu expansion in Taco Bell’s 50-year history.”  Taco Bell’s move could … [Read more...]