A Celebration of Seasonal Craft Beers


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Happy New Beer!

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December 5th, 1933 is the official day that liquor flowed back into the very dry veins of the United States. No more sneaking whiskey across the frozen Detroit RIver, no more gin made of questionable liquor, no more rum runners sneaking hooch into the country through Florida. This country could get back to the business of distilling and selling liquor, creating jobs and giving a financial shot in the arm during the long dark days of the Great Depression. Before that day there were some cracks in the dam. Trickles of legal liquor started to flow from wineries, which was not a big surprise. The … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones Ommegang Brewing Flight Night @ Spinoza’s


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Incorruptible, The Next Release From Warped Wing


Join Warped Wing this Thursday night at the brewery as they tap their newest limited release beer, Incorruptible Belgian Style IPA. The name, Incorruptible was inspired by James Ritty's cash register invention in 1879 called 'Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier'. This IPA is hazy, golden in color with bubble gum and herbal aromas and flavors from the German Sapphire hop. The malt character is light and crisp and the special abbey strain of yeast adds a fruity, banana note that supports the bubble gum aroma of the hops. 77 IBU & 7.7% ABV. See you Thursday....Cheers! Thanks to Amy Kollar … [Read more...]

Support The Beer Bill To Allow Ohio Brewers To Make & Sell Higher Proof Beers


How many times have you heard of a friend making a beer run to Kentucky?  It's often because beer drinkers can hop across the Ohio River to buy beers such as Samuel Adams Utopias and Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, which aren’t available in Ohio. For Rep. Dan Ramos, a Democrat from Lorain, west of Cleveland, that story is too common, so he recently introduced House Bill 391.  Also known as the  “Ohio Beer Bill” passage would increase the maximum percentage of alcohol allowed in beer sold or produced in the state from 12 to 21 percent. That would bring it line with alcoholic beverages like wine … [Read more...]

How to drink beer in the shower


Beer has been around longer than showers have. Way longer, actually, which means people were getting drunk and smelly well before it was commonplace to bathe every single day. Considering all the black plague and polio going around, who could blame them for wanting to be wasted all the time? Nowadays, we have so much clean water in our society that we literally poop in it (I'm not above toilet jokes here, folks). We even waste gallons of the life-saving stuff each time we shower. Yet, with all of these modern marvels of sanitation technology, we seldom do anything in the shower other than wash … [Read more...]

Growlers, maybe you’ve heard of ‘em?

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Seems like months ago I was sitting around chatting about ‘things’ with a friend. She says I should write a piece about growlers. I say it’s been done and it’s old news. DMM has a list of all the local places that offer fills and such, what is there to write about? Then I notice thread after thread of rants and various local observations based on the perceived State Laws. In the mean time I got sucked into a swirling vortex at work and I am only now able to sit down and try to sort out, what I believe, may be the heart of the issue. So today I belly up to the computer, and one Google search … [Read more...]

Dayton Brewery Brings Home The Gold!


Congratulations to The Dayton Beer Company for bringing home the GOLD! At the  Seventh Mountain Resort in Bend, Oregon this past weekend at  "America's Newest Craft Beer Contest,"  Mad River Milk Stout was awarded the Gold Medal!   MAD RIVER MILK STOUT An American sweet stout; this beer is brewed with roasted barley, caramel and black barley malts to give it a complex body of flavor. We then add lactose to give it that distinct sweetness associated with milk stouts. Just the right amount of hops balances this beer out to make it very drinkable. Prices: Pint$4.00, Tasting$1.50, New … [Read more...]

The Beer Can rEvolution


In honor of  Beer Can Appreciation Day- we are rerunning this story from 1/24/13. When I was a kid, I remember taking a sip of my dad’s beer, right out of the can. I am fairly sure it was the worst thing I have ever tasted. It tasted like a wet bread and metal sandwich. I did not actually drink another beer until I was legal to do so, thinking if all beer tasted like that, I was better off without it. In retrospect, drinking Old Milwaukee out of a can is a poor choice on quite a few levels. And for the most part, people will agree that beer out of a can is about as low as you can get on the … [Read more...]

Ohio Vs. Michigan Beer Battle At Brew Ha-Ha


It's just a fact these days that schools must do fundraisers.  Who hasn't been asked to buy wrapping paper, popcorn, candy or cookie dough?  Not at the Montessori School of Dayton.  True to the nature of a Montessori school, the parents tasked with raising funds for this school wanted to create something free flowing  that could grow and sustain itself.  So in 2012 they launched Brew Ha-Ha, a beer tasting event. All proceeds from the Brew Ha-Ha's are directed to the MSD Capital Improvement fund for the school, which was built in 1961. Proceeds from the first two years of events put a new floor … [Read more...]