Preview of Chuy’s Tex-Mex Restaurant at Austin Landing


The crowd was spoiled with margaritas. Mexican beers and a few drink samples. Also featured was a full blown nacho bar. This nacho bar featured a house cheese sauce, meat, refried beans and of course the homemade tortilla chips.

Local Food Event to Feature “Rhinegeists and Poltergeists”


What do you get when you mix 4 courses of great food, great beer, and ghosts? The answer is at The Amber Rose Restaurant on April 17th. The beer and dinner pairing is called "Rhinegeists and Poltergeists," and is the brainchild of Food Adventures food blog and Dayton Dining. The one-night-only event will feature beers from the Cincinnati Brewery, Rhinegeist, paired with the unique tastes of The Amber Rose Menu. Tickets are pre-pay and only available online through

Ponderosa…. and then there was ONE + win a FREE DINNER


In the 70's and 80's you would have had a dozen of Ponderosa Steakhouse restaurants to choose from. Now there is only one left. The closing of Ponderosa on Airway Rd, means the only location left in Dayton, is in Englewood. We had been to the Airway restaurant a few times, and decided to trek up into Englewood, holding on to those food memories from the past.

Drive Thru Pizza Hits Dayton


ou may have seen the new Brew & Brews Drive Thru that popped up on 741 across from Home Depot. They have the usual drive thru fare, such as beer, wine, pop, chips and candy. But did you know there is now a full blown pizzeria inside as well? Yes ! The addition is called B & B Slices. Now you can get whole pizzas or slices on the go. Whether customers call ahead or just swing by, B&B is sure to have something freshly made to please your pizza cravings.

New Bar Opens in Centerville to Rave Reviews !


Bars are bars right? Well, one new spot that just opened in Centerville aims to prove that theory wrong. Mack's Tavern owner, Mackenzie Manley, will distinguish her place with unique eats, and an old school, laid back atmosphere, that feels like home.

Hungry Jax Shares A Recipe From Her Hometown: Utica Greens

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Nestled at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Utica is a culinary treasure that is slowly, but surely making it's name as one of the most delicious places to eat in the US. It is a city rich in Italian culture and cuisine! Upon relocating, I was homesick, not just for family, but for the culinary creations that are unique to the Utica area. So my kitchen became a laboratory with weekly experiments to recreate these hometown dishes that I love so dearly (talk about a Food Adventure!).

Buttercream Bliss at The Cakery


When the Big Ragu asked Hungry Jax to name one of her favorite places to eat in the Dayton area, she didn't even hesitate to yell out "THE CAKERY!" She went on and on about their buttercream frosting and how it reminded her of a bakery back in her hometown.

Food Adventure Scoop: Our Fave Olive Oil Store Coming to Austin Landing!

The Spicy Olive

Looking to amp up the flavors in your kitchen? Need to find your favorite foodie a gift? Want a fun place for a foodie date? Look no further! The Spicy Olive can satisfy any pallet of needs! This unique tasting emporium carries a large variety of specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars that are of the utmost quality! And yes, you'll get to taste them all! The Food Adventures Crew appreciates not only great places to go out and eat, but also places that will bring the flavors of high end dining right into your own kitchen! And dear foodie friends, this place does just that!

Dayton’s Housemade Sauces: Taking Oregon District by Storm


A local company called Housemade, has been heating up the local food scene with their sauces, particularly the Housemade Sriracha sauce. Ground zero of this inferno seems to be the Oregon district. Lovers of spicy food have delighted in the surge of sriracha around the Fifth Street area. The cause of the local warming of the taste buds is Dayton area Chef, Leanne House.

White Castle: Yes or No ? Comment to Win a Crave Case of Sliders !


Sliders. People either love them or hate them. Only Food Adventures would tackle such a volatile subject. Where do you stand? We need your vote by commenting below, and there is a prize at stake. One lucky winner will be chosen at random to win a bonus prize. If you win and your vote was YES, you get a Crave Case of 30 White Castle hamburgers. Eat them yourself or give them as a gift to your favorite foodie. If you win and your vote was NO, we can negotiate another burger gift card (Voltzys or Hamburger Wagon, etc). But this is your chance to be heard. Do you crave their food or do you despise it? White Castle..... YES or NO ?