Ten Questions

Dayton BBQ Entrepreneur Tackles DMM’s 10?’s


Growing up Lea Richards and her family would go on family vacations every year and turn each trip into one big barbecue hunt. They literally went to every so-called BBQ hot spot and had their fingers deliciously smeared from digging into A LOT of different kinds of barbecue. As Lea describes it, "we went through some tough ones (pun intended), but we also found some authentic, finger-lickin’ good ones—usually from mom-and-pop restaurants and other hole-in-the-wall dining places. And after scouring every town, city, state, or region, our search has finally ended. Guess where?  Right in our … [Read more...]

10?’s with Rick Schaefer of Brock Masterson’s Catering


There's rarely a festival in Dayton where you don't find Brock Masterson's hawking their "Down East" Blue Lump Crab Cakes, "Fatty" Reuben, Grilled Salmon  and Brock’s Legendary 3-Potato Hash.  There's always a line, yet the food is so good it's worth the wait. Brock Masterson's Catering was founded in 1986 by Chef Rick Schaefer, and while catering is his main business, Brock Masterson’s can be found grilling out at over 20 festivals throughout Dayton region. But now you can also find Brock Masterson's in your grocery store.  “Customers have been asking for years about the special blend of … [Read more...]

10?’s with the Chef of Mohawk Freestyle Grill Food Truck


Chef Aaron Hanover has always loved food for the art and wonder it can create. At a young age, art was always a great outlet for his creativity, but the prospect of work behind a desk as a graphic designer day in and day out was an option that didn't interest him. Food always seemed like a hands on artistic outlet that included few desks and endless possibilities for medians to work with. With his culinary degree from Pennsylvania Culinary, he started honing is skills in local restaurants and big corporate kitchens. Learning management, fine dinning, and banquets from names like Aramark, … [Read more...]

10?’s with Patrick Sartin, The Man in the Black Truck

food truck photo shot

Patrick Sartin started cooking at a young age in Dayton working in several local kitchens including The Country Club of the North, Rocky’s Pizza, and Kohler Catering, before attending the Culinary Institute of America, where he graduated in 2002. After graduation Sartin did a stint as the Head Chef at Chanterelles here in Dayton, before he achieved his goal of travel and work in as many different regions of the US as he could, gaining as much culinary knowledge as possible. Patrick has worked in the industry across the United States from Colorado to Maine working with very talented … [Read more...]

10 ?’s with Chef Markus Montreuil from Amelia’s Bistro

Chef Markus with Kevin Superfry

Chef Markus Montreuil's first job in the business was as a bus boy at Carmels.  In his down time he loved to watch the cooks  and would often stand on the side of the line fascinated by the skills and wanting to learn.  He would beg the cooks to teach him and  finally a cook took pity on him and made a deal with him.  If a ticket came into the kitchen in the next 1/2 hour, he'd teach him, if not, Markus would stop asking. Markus was excited and waited anxiously.  And waited.    He wandered out to the dining room and excitedly told the bartender about his upcoming cooking lesson. The bartender … [Read more...]

Meet Culp’s Cafe’s Chef Jose


Chef Jose Calzada is originally from Chicago.  He graduated with a culinary degree from Kendall College and spent a lot of his early years in the kitchen at Italian and French eateries. He took over as Executive Chef  at Culp’s Café at Carillon Park last year. The historic restaurant was originally opened in 1902 by Charlotte Gilbert Culp, a young widow with six children, began baking and selling bread, cakes and rolls by having her children go door to door in their West Third Street neighborhood. Soon they had a stand at the South Main Street market with the “Culp’s Cake” being a best seller. … [Read more...]

10?’s with Chef Matt Hayden of Scratch Event


Chef Matthew Hayden credits his mom as being his first mentor in the kitchen.  Being a “sick kid” Matt missed many days of school and spent a great deal of time with his mother. She taught him to cook and how to channel his creativity into other useful skills. Matthew’s father Phillip travelled the world extensively and introduced Matthew to the cultures, customs, and cuisines of many different countries. His father instilled in him a strong work ethic, a sense of pride in his community, and an entrepreneurial spirit. He graduated from Ohio University with a psychology degree, worked as … [Read more...]

10? with De’Lish Cafe’s Chef Anthony Head


Born and raised in Dayton and a graduate of Colonel White High School for the Arts and Ball State University School of Business respectively, Chef Anthony T. Head’s culinary journey began as a child with the adult responsibilities of buying groceries and preparing meals for his family. His first cooking job outside of culinary school was an internship opening up The Wine Loft franchise out at the Greene. He was the first cook hired and helped set up the kitchen and  trained under the late Richard Pignetti of Houston. He says, "Chef "Pig" really set the tone for my career with his terse … [Read more...]

10 ?’s with Boulevard Haus Executive Chef Rae Rosbough

Chef Rae Rosbough

Some people just know early what they want to be when they grow up.  As a youngster, when Rae Rosbough's mom encouraged her to go outside and play, she found excuses to stay inside and organize the kitchen cabinets.  She says she knew it was where she belonged.  Going to high school in Miamisburg, she couldn't wait for her junior year so she could register for the vo-tech cooking classes.  Upon graduation she headed to Johnson & Wales to pursue her culinary education in 2000.  By 2002, degree in hand she returned to Dayton and got her first job at the now defunct Mediterra.  From there she … [Read more...]

10?’s with Chef Bob Silva

Bahn Mai Thai Bob

Bahn Mai Thai is independently owned and operated by Bob and Judy Silva located in Washington Township since 2005.  Chef Bob was born Dumnuan Nahiran in Bahn Mai, Thailand.  As an Air Force kid, he moved every 4 years, living in exotic countries such as Japan and the Philippines. He learned his fabulous cooking technique, which he describes as country Thai from his mother who ran a roadside stand outside of the Taklee and Utapao Airforce Bases in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Together he and wife, Judy, bring an American flair to the Thai dining experience with a creative fusion of east … [Read more...]