Hello DaytonMostMetro Fans, I've got good news. WHIPLASH and BIRDMAN will be able to share a screen starting this Wednesday. That said, if you need to see either of these films, I'd suggest hurrying down. They may not last more than one more week. Tomorrow (Wed, Nov. 26), we will open a film that I know many of you will embrace - THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. When I saw this film at the World Premiere in Toronto, the auditorium was packed with stars who were anxious to see the film - including Jon Stewart, Julie Taymor and Andrew Garfield. The standing ovation was remarkable, and hearing Eddie … [Read more...]

Amazing Line-Up at THE NEON! THEORY OF EVERYTHING Opens Sooner Than Expected!


Hello Everyone, I'm happy to report that BIRDMAN continues to bring in nice crowds, thus it will be sticking around. However, despite incredible reviews, WHIPLASH didn't perform quite as well as we had hoped. That said, we're holding it for another weekend. At this point, we're not sure if it will stick around beyond Tuesday...we need to wait for another weekend to see if we can hold it any longer. I'd suggest hurrying down if you still need to see this film. On Wednesday of next week (the day before Thanksgiving), we will open one of my absolute favorites from this year's Toronto … [Read more...]

Japan Goes Deco ** Ticket Giveaway**

Art Deco Japan

Deco Japan introduces the spectacular craftsmanship and sophisticated designs of Japan’s contribution this rich period in world history and visual culture.

WHIPLASH – Approved By Critics & Audiences Alike – Opens Friday at THE NEON!


Hello Everyone, We had a really good weekend with BIRDMAN and ST. VINCENT - our best weekend in the past few months. Thanks to everyone who came out! If you still need to see ST. VINCENT, Thursday will be your last chance to see it at THE NEON. For remaining showtimes, please visit our website at www.neonmovies.com On Friday, we will open a film that has garnered great reviews from critics and audiences alike - WHIPLASH. You don't have to take my word for it. Take a look at all the great reviews on the film's Rottentomatoes page. Synopsis for WHIPLASH: "Andrew Neyman is an ambitious … [Read more...]

The Return of the Story Slamm


Shelly "Gladgirl" Hulce had an idea. An idea to connect a community. An idea to have some fun. An idea to share some great stories. A fan of The Moth radio hour, she contacted the national team, but was told Dayton wasn't quite big enough to bring the show there. So, she started her own storytelling program in 2012. As Story Slamm was just passing its one year anniversary in Dayton, Hulce shared with Sharon Short, "We've become very distant in our culture. We have mass communication and social media, and so we can hear and read each other's stories, but rarely do we get in the same room, … [Read more...]

51 Artists’ Handcrafted “giftables” in DVAC’s Holiday Gift Gallery


DVAC is pleased to present original, handcrafted “giftables” by 51 Dayton member artists in their popular annual fine art and fine craft gift gallery.

BIRDMAN (with Amazing Cast & Stellar Reviews) Opens Friday at THE NEON!


Hello Everyone, Audiences are loving all three of our current attractions, but if you still need to see PRIDE or MY OLD LADY, you'll need to move quickly. PRIDE will screen for the last time tonight (Wednesday) and MY OLD LADY will screen for the last time on Thursday afternoon. ST. VINCENT is sticking around. If you need a refresher about any of our current films, please visit our website at www.neonmovies.com On Friday, we're excited to open BIRDMAN - a film by the brilliant Mexican director Alejandro G. Inarritu, director of AMORES PERROS, 21 GRAMS, BABEL and BIUTIFUL. This new film, … [Read more...]

‘Ambassador of Americana’ presents all-new Big Retro Slide Show


The Charles Phoenix Big Retro Slide Show is a deep-fried, delicious mash-up of Phoenix’s massive collection of flea market-found vintage Kodachrome slides.

DVAC Presents Abstract Paintings By Dayton’s Susanne Scherette King

Rigidly She Descended on Her Position, 2014 24 x 24 nfssmall

Inspired by the bold, graphic lines of American expressionists Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline, Susanne Scherette King‘s abstract shapes, dynamic brush strokes, tones and textures are visual poetry.

“Of Soft And Golden Hue” – The Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow


The Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow   “When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.” (note - this article was originally written in October 2010 and has been updated for 2014) Reflecting on a pumpkin patch, it reminds me of the way a community should truly be. Occupying your own mounded hill, you are nurtured from the same sustenance offered to your neighbor. When you bask in the warmth of a sunlit day, your neighbors feel the sun’s impartial rays as well. When hard times befall you, the community must endure the inclement storms. Eventually, your … [Read more...]