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Hello Everyone, I'm sad to report that TIMBUKTU did not fare very well for us at THE NEON. Though it was an award winner at Cannes and it nearly swept the Cesar Awards last week (the "French Oscars" - it won 7 awards including "Best Picture"), today (Feb. 25) will be your last chance to catch it at THE NEON. On Friday, we will open a film that many art enthusiasts have been anxious to see - MR. TURNER. We'll also hold onto the film that just garnered Julianne Moore her first Oscar - STILL ALICE. Remaining showtimes for this week are available on our website - www.neonmovies.com. Synopsis … [Read more...]

And The Oscar Goes To…


The 87th annual Academy Awards salutes the best of 2014 cinema tomorrow night at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Go ahead and anticipate one of the most predictable Oscars in recent memory considering most categories have been cemented since the Golden Globes.

Oscar Nominee TIMBUKTU Opens & FREE Oscar Party Details at THE NEON!


Hello Everyone, The response to STILL ALICE was really terrific this weekend. Most customers agree that Julianne Moore's performance is honest and beautifully done...and that she will deserve the Academy Award this Sunday. STILL ALICE will stick around, and on Friday, we will open a contender for this year's "Best Foreign Film" Oscar - TIMBUKTU - the first time a film from Mauritania has ever received a nomination.  The last day for TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT will be Thursday, Feb. 19.  MR. TURNER is slated to open on Feb. 27 and THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL is set to open on March … [Read more...]

FilmDayton Hosts Virtual Oscar Party


FilmDayton's Oscar Party invites you to cordially stay home and watch the awards in your PJ's. Instead of spending money on a new gown, a tux and a babysitter, you can donate that money to the nonprofit and everyone wins!

Hold On: DCDC Set To Premiere Latest Production “HeartShakes”

See more at http://www.geekwithalens.com/dance/dcdc

It took five years for Lalama to be choreograph a piece for DCDC. When the opportunity finally came, she released Shed to critical praise with not only the community, but within the company. The act, inspired from a deep desire to spread the message and importance of self-love, challenges the spirit to find courage, let go, and be free.

15 Oscar Nominees Start Friday at THE NEON

OSCAR pics

Hello Everyone, Over the past few years, more and more people have been interested to see as many of the Oscar nominated films as possible before the ceremony...and now you can get even closer to that goal by having access to all 15 nominated short films. Starting Friday, we will open all three programs of the Oscar Nominated Short Films - ANIMATION, LIVE ACTION and DOCUMENTARY. Showtimes can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this newsletter or by visiting our official site at www.neonmovies.com. In addition, we will hold two other big nominees - THE IMITATION GAME and FOXCATCHER. (As … [Read more...]

Hollywood Film Series at the Air Force Museum


The Air Force Museum Theatre is proud to announce the 2015 Hollywood Series, sponsored by Cassanos Pizza King. With the support of Cassanos, the theatre will continue to bring Hollywood blockbusters and classics to the giant screen on the fourth Sunday of each month throughout the upcoming year.

The Yellow Cab Introduces New Monthly Event: Movie Night


Movie Night at the Yellow Cab is a chance to go out with friends or to bring the whole family, depending on the movie, and that there will be a focus on collaboration with other local businesses. “For our first movie night, Lily’s Bistro will be serving bacon popcorn and we’ll be hosting a few food trucks. We’re also working with local breweries to serve craft beer during the movies,” said Johnson.

Acclaimed FOXCATCHER Opens Friday at THE NEON!


Hello Everyone, It's Oscar Season, and it's time to get moving with new films. If you haven't had the chance to see WILD (or you need to see it again), you'll need to hurry down to THE NEON...Thursday will be your last chance to catch it with us. On Friday, we will open the much-acclaimed new film FOXCATCHER - starring Steve Carrell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo. THE IMITATION GAME will continue its hugely successful run. Remaining showtimes for this current week can be found on our website at www.neonmovies.com. Synopsis for FOXCATCHER: "FOXCATCHER is a psychological drama directed … [Read more...]

2 Big Hits & A BIG Thank YOU from THE NEON!


Hello Everyone, This past weekend was really big at THE NEON! In fact, it was our third best weekend of the year (GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL holds the title for "Best Weekend Ever" and the weekend we opened AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY as well as INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS was our second best of the year). Needless to say, we're going to hold both THE IMITATION GAME and WILD for another week. Remaining showtimes for this current week can be found on our website at www.neonmovies.com To learn more about each film, visit our site…or each of the film's official sites:  THE IMITATION GAME and WILD. Below are … [Read more...]