Food Summit Celebrates Local, Healthful Eating


Explore why it's important to support our local producers, examines what our children are learning about food and farming in the classroom and how can boost our local economy & bring fresh, local food into our homes?

“Of Soft And Golden Hue” – The Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow


The Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow   “When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.” (note - this article was originally written in October 2010 and has been updated for 2014) Reflecting on a pumpkin patch, it reminds me of the way a community should truly be. Occupying your own mounded hill, you are nurtured from the same sustenance offered to your neighbor. When you bask in the warmth of a sunlit day, your neighbors feel the sun’s impartial rays as well. When hard times befall you, the community must endure the inclement storms. Eventually, your … [Read more...]

Nite at the Races : 6th Annual Event to Prevent Homelessness in Dayton


Time for all you local Dayton supporters to put your money where your mouth is... the horses mouth, that is ... Want a fun way to support a charity that helps prevent homelessness in Dayton?  Then attend the 6th Annual "Nite at the Races" event on Nov 7th at the IUE HALL on 1675 Woodman Dr. in Kettering. Held each year by the Rent Foundation, which is the charity enterprise of the Greater Dayton Apartment Association, the event promises to be a great time. Races are shown on a big screen and you can bet and win cash!  Some of the food confirmed will be Frickers Wings, Johnny's Slice … [Read more...]

The Spirit of Huffman Halloween Tour


The Spirit Lives . . . Oh the tales these old Huffman houses could tell. Creaky hinges and floorboards are eager to share the stories they’ve recorded for more than a century. Follow Huffman Historic Neighborhood’s residents of today as they translate the moans and groans of some of Dayton’s oldest and grandest homes. Put on your favorite walking shoes and join us for a unique tour of the Huffman Historic neighborhood with a spirited flair. … [Read more...]

Homearama Luxury Edition Comes To Clearcreek Township


The Home Builders Association of Dayton is excited to bring the 2014 Homearama Luxury Edition to Auteur Estates in Clearcreek Township in beautiful Warren County. With the incredibly harsh and long winter the Dayton area experienced at the end of last year and the beginning of this year’s building season, combined with an uptick in the Dayton region home building activity which has created a limited, skilled labor pool impacting schedules, the show, originally scheduled for September, will be delayed to October 17th through November 2. The complexity of the homes has not deterred the builders … [Read more...]

Guest Post: In Support of the Human Services Levy


Our power to affect change in this world can often feel limited. Child abuse, disease, natural disaster…at times, so many problems can feel too big for one person to impact. But this November, we have an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people right here in Montgomery County with our votes. Our votes FOR Issue 11, the Montgomery County Human Services levy, will protect quality programs and critical services to people in need in every community in Montgomery County. That’s a big deal. Issue 11 provides human services that include early diagnosis and … [Read more...]

Dayton: A Choose Your Own Adventure City


There is so much more to Dayton than you know, and it’s just waiting for you to discover it, support it, and make it home.

Design Modifications To RiverScape River Run To Create New Benefits

rendering _ River Run _ whitewater feature at dam-2

In the process of developing final engineering plans, RiverScape River Run partners discovered new opportunities to improve the project, including improved access to the Great Miami River, a better experience for whitewater paddlers and stronger ties to the riverbank. Many of these opportunities weren’t available when the initial concepts for RiverScape River Run were being developed due to other downtown construction projects, such as I-75. The improvements will require some modifications to the project design. As before, RiverScape River Run will feature two structures that span the Great … [Read more...]

When To Trick or Treat Around Town


As best we know, here's where you'll be welcome at strangers doors in funny looking costume in search of candy.

Guest Post: Stephanie Hicks Shares What October Means To Her


For many, October signifies the start of fall... People begin enjoying pumpkin "everything" and start thinking up amazing Halloween costumes. While I, too, partake in pumpkin latte, cheesecake, pie, cookies, etc. binge eating, and spend hours online trying to find the perfect, creative costume for my son, I also celebrate my wedding anniversary and my husbands birthday (along with eight other birthdays in our family). But this year, October means something more than fall flavored goodies and special days... This year I've come to recognize that October is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month.During … [Read more...]