Dayton Music

Rock Out at Reggae Fest


Groove with the best of the beat at the 27th Annual Dayton Reggae Festival on Sunday, August 31. The free-admission event comes to Dave Hall Plaza (Fourth and Jefferson Streets), from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The 2014 Dayton Reggae Festival will be hosted by WYSO's Niki Dakota and will include performances by: 1:00 p.m. - Haile Lya Israel 2:00 p.m. - Jah Soul 3:00 p.m. - Demolition Crew 4:00 p.m. - Jonny Dreads & The Mystiks 5:00 p.m. - Seefari   6:00 p.m. - Reggae Infinity   A variety of food and merchandise vendors will be present. Lawn chairs and … [Read more...]

Finding Some “Me Time”


Andy Smith and I are sitting in one of the tiny, wooden booths at the independently owned Christopher’s Restaurant in  Kettering, Ohio.  The cozy restaurant is serving breakfast at the time the two of us agreed upon to meet up.  Dayton has  some of the greatest breakfast spots around.  One of the spots to hit is Christopher’s.  The restaurant, which has homey,  country-like setting and feel when you enter, caters to all lifestyles with their menu.  This morning-Smith and I will be  diving into some of the essential staples that make up the best breakfasts-eggs, home fries, and toast.  "You … [Read more...]

The Mitchells: Coming Over To Visit Dayton

The Mitchells

Joseph William Mitchell, Marc Aiello, Carlos Mitchell, Nick Mavridoglou-who make up the Cincinnati band The  Mitchells-have been in their share of bands.  When the foursome joined together to make up the current group, they all  vowed that they wanted to make this special.  They grew tired and unhappy with making music that they weren’t happy  with it.  “You just always know where you missed…you were slow on the beat, you didn’t rushed it just to get it to a point  that worked.  At the end of the day, you have all these albums that you are genuinely are unhappy with,” guitarist and  lead … [Read more...]

REVIEW: The Big Four of Dayton Release Quadruple CD’s at Courtyard Lounge

(photo by Mike Ritchie)

It wasn’t a stadium or in Sofia, Bulgaria but any of the five bands that played Saturday July 5th could be considered in Dayton’s big thrash four debate. The crowd turned out in droves, jamming the cramped but cozy ‘by metal standards’ space of the Courtyard Lounge into a shroud of die hard, shoulder to shoulder black t-shirts sweating, screaming, yelling along, to Dayton’s ‘metal uniformed’ finest , spilling out into the outside lobby. It was a four band quadruple CD release party and birthday bash for a local guitar hero. Foul Stench’s Blood Orgy, Forces of Nature’s Dark Ages, Eooonmai’s The … [Read more...]

Country Music Super Star Takes The Stage In Franklin


The Multi-platinum CMA and ACM award winning recording artist has helped shape the sound of Country music for two decades, recently celebrating twenty-years in music. Few country artists have ever known the kind of success that Tracy Lawrence has earned and the influence his iconic voice has contributed to the Country music genre. … [Read more...]

The Bacon Brothers To Rock The Greene

bacon brothers

Kevin and Michael Bacon have been writing songs and playing music together since about the same time they may have been fighting over Lincoln Logs or little green Army guys.  When we first started, the people who attended our shows came strictly to see Kevin Bacon, the movie star," says Michael. "Now people come to see and hear The Bacon Brothers." … [Read more...]

Greenfield Project: Elk Creek’s Official Welcoming To Dayton

Elk Creek

 Elk Creek are on the final couple of songs of their two-hour stint outside Findlay Market, which is located at Over the  Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The cool, summer evening has attracted a fairly decent crowd for the event “Findlay After  Five”.  The sweet, enticing aromas that local food restaurants Eli’s BBQ and Pho Lang Thang are serving have begun  swirling all around the area.  Children are running around the vicinity, laughing and smiling from ear to ear.  Local  breweries Rhinegeist & Christian Moerlein have beers being poured for the adults, as they gather around the small tent … [Read more...]

“Silent” and Loud: The Gunshy Comes To Dayton

Matt Arbogast

The open road. Miles and miles of paved cement that stretches and bends at every turn and direction of the United States.  When you  are driving on the open road, you take in the sweeping land that is untouched.  You take in the wide-ranging view of  countryside that surrounds all around you.  You roll down the windows and move one of your hands outside.  You  allow the blowing wind to sway your hand all around.  You turn up the radio to the highest volume, proceed to blare  your favorite song.  The people that accompany you on this journey more important to you than you will ever … [Read more...]

Local Bands To Reload The 90s Friday Night At Gilly’s


Friday, July 25th marks the fourth annual 90s Reloaded tribute show, the first time for this particular event, at Gilly’s in downtown Dayton.  The show will feature seven local bands performing sets that include both 90s favorites and their own original material, as well as five acoustic performers doing an “in the round” style set, belly dancing, DJ sets and more. “The 90s is my second favorite musical decade,” says presenter Louie Wood Jr.. “I grew up on five albums: Emf Schubert's Dip, Jesus Jones' Doubt, Primitive Radio Gods' Rocket, Kristen Barry's The Beginning Is The Middle Is The … [Read more...]

Get the Blues at the 29th Annual Dayton Blues Festival

Free summer entertainment returns to downtown Dayton’s Dave Hall Plaza (Fourth and Jefferson Streets) on Sunday, July 20, as Recreation and Youth Services presents the 29th annual Dayton Blues Festival, with the finest in local and regional blues from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.The line-up includes: Joe & Jack Waters – Dayton The Wright Brothers Band – Dayton Back Talk Blues Band, featuring Gary ‘Guitar’ Williams – Dayton The Mojo Kings – Columbus Mark May Band, with the Soul Horns – Columbus Cheryl Renee Project – Cincinnati Joey Gilmore ‘The Blues Legend’ – Ft. Lauderdale, … [Read more...]